Vigyázat! Cookikat tolunk! Adatvédelem.

Zene hétvégére, nem fordítom le magyarra, mert gáz. De itt van angolul a szövege:

Goodbye, dear sister, ah,
And I again say you: goodbye sister, oh,
And why do not you answer me?, oh sister.

Io, io,
Hits strong this pilon, io, io,
Which it is finished to break io, io,
That in the forest there is a lot of wood
and Dad knows how to do it, io, io.

And my head is hurts, io, io,
Of hitting much this pilon, io, io,
To fatten up a pig
And buy a nightdress io, io.

Up there on that hill, io, io,
It is a civil marriage io, io,
the donkey's mouth she married
With a smelly man, io, io.

If he is your husband, io, io,
Take it, that there he goes, io, io,
With a nightgown of cretona
He has not come to give you, io, io.

I don't want a married man, io, io,
Because stinks of Mataura, io, io,
I want a single man
That smacks like ripe pineapple, io, io,

There goes the face of devil, io, io,
With the heart of demon, io, io,
Which she has a black tongue
Of saying much gossip, io, io.

And the stupid are believed, io, io,
That she deserves it all, io, io,
And lives in a poor house
That the wind shudder it, io, io.

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